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The Technology Transfer and Partnerships Office
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Technologies Available for Licensing
Aeronautics TechnologiesAeronautics

Recent research and development at NASA has produced many technologies that benefit the aeronautics industries.

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Aerospace TechnologiesAerospace

Recent research and development at NASA has produced many technologies that benefit the aerospace industries.

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› Additional information on aerospace

Electronics TechnologiesElectronics

Research in electronics touches many aspects of NASA missions and life here on Earth.

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Energy and Power Energy and Power

Innovations at NASA address the ever-growing need to reduce power consumption and improve efficiency of power generation.

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Human Health Human Health

Innovations from NASA improve our health, quality of life, and even make babies and toddlers safer and more comfortable in their car seats.

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Industrial Processes Industrial Processes

From spray-on circuitry to superior welding technologies, NASA advances the efficiency and capabilities of many industrial processes.

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Materials Materials

NASA produces materials such as coatings and alloys that protect spacecraft, improve automobiles, and shield our military.

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Mechanical Technologies and Devices Mechanical Technologies and Devices

NASA’s mechanical technologies improve and streamline product designs.

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Optics and Photonics Optics and Photonics

Emerging from NASA’s advanced optics research for space applications are numerous technologies that enhance the optics and photonics industry.

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› Additional information on optics and photonics

Sensors, Instrumentation, and Communications Sensors, Instrumentation, and Communications

NASA’s engineers have developed technologies providing major leaps for sensors for monitoring and non-invasive inspections.

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› Additional information on sensors technologies

Software Software

Much of NASA’s research and development involves a software component, and that software often has applications beyond the space program.

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QuickLaunch Licensing QuickLaunch Licensing

A selection of specially priced licenses with a quick turnaround.

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